Tabriz Rugs, Carpet, & Area Rugs

Tabriz is one of the most well known and oldest carpet producing centers in the world.  The first rug producing workshop was established over a thousand years ago during the Safavid dynasty.  Due to there long history of carpet weaving the weavers of tabriz are amongst the most skilled in Persia.  Attesting to their pride in producing fine carpets, the master weavers of Tabriz often weave their signature into part of the carpets border.  The design of tabriz rugs is often floral, with a central medallion.  The motifs are flowering branches, shrubs and leaves.  In addition to these classic themes, plant and animal motifs also appear in some Tabriz rugs.  Tabriz also have substyles such as the elegant and refined Tabriz Fish, which has tiny geometric fish designs on the border.  The pile of Tabriz Rugs are wool, silk or a combination of the two.  The Fine quality Tabriz rugs are a combination of fine kurd wool and silk which outline lavishly the highlights of the rug.